VIDEO: Can Aldi cut it in the men’s fashion world? Reporter Kev Rogers decided to find out

Mansfield Chad�"s Kev Roger has been trying out some of Aldi�"s latest clothing range
Mansfield Chad�"s Kev Roger has been trying out some of Aldi�"s latest clothing range

A man about town in search of summer sartorial elegance now needs to spend no more than £41 for his complete wardrobe.

This is the confident assertion made by Aldi which has just launched its debut summer season casual fashion range for men.

I was invited to checkout Aldi’s sensational debut summer season casual range which is pitted confidently against the best that the likes of Next and M&S has to offer. Men’s linen trousers: £9.99, men’s marl zip hoody £8.99, men’s chino shorts £7.99, men’s Oxford shirt, £6.99, men’s t-shirt £3.99, men’s summer hats £2.99

That’s a total of £40.94 for gear which would cost more than £116 at Next and £133 at M&S - so Aldi claims.

With up to three different styles and up to five different colours to choose from per item, the range offers multiple stylish outfits for summer holidays abroad or staycations.

Now I don’t know what a staycation is, I’m a bit picky about my threads and this bargain looked a bit too good to be true.

But the days have gone when people put their Aldi shopping in M&S carrier bags before they carry it out of their 4x4 in front of the neighbours.

And I know cyclists who swear by the quality of Aldi’s activity kit.

So I was happy enough for their debut range to dovetail with with my first ever fashion shoot.

Here’s the lowdown on the clobber. Generally the clothes were stylish and fitted well though perhaps would have looked better on a model of more recent vintage.

There was talk of Kevin and Perry in the office as I strutted my stuff.

Like twerking, I think this modelling game is not for the likes of me.

I liked the Oxford shirt and the hoody, the t-shirt and linen trousers seemed ok if a little flimsy.

The true test of the quality will be in the wear and washing.

Tony Baines, managing director for corporate buying at Aldi said: “We’re really excited about this launch as it will help men across the country cut the cost of the ‘must have’ summer wardrobe.”

“Our customers know to expect great value from our ranges; this summer range competes in the fashion stakes too, delivering style on a shoestring and standing up to high street brands, without compromising on quality.”

And at those prices what’s not to like?