Review: Underoath excite Leadmill crowd

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The second night on their Disambiguation 2011 UK tour saw a slightly jet lagged Underoath hit the stage at the popular Sheffield venue ‘The Leadmill’, though this took nothing out of the energy produced during their performance.

The three support bands gradually built the anticipation of the crowd such that when the main act arrived there were eager screams for what was to come.

Never Cry Wolf quickly set the tone for the night with the constant roar from the front man followed by the epic sound of Devil Sold His Soul, ending with an appropriately timed fast-paced but lighter Deaf Havana.

Underoath made a suitably explosive start and throughout the set mixed old material with new including In Regards To Myself from the album Define The Great Line and It’s Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door from the album They’re Only Chasing Safety.

This helped to soften the change in style of their latest album that came about after the recent departure of Aaron Gillespie from the band, the last founding member of Underoath.

Lead singer Spencer Chamberlain has taken Disambiguation down a heavier, darker yet at times atmospheric avenue that was evident in the contrast between old and new.

Overall, it was a well-rounded performance blending high energy with softer melodic moments.

The unique voice of Chamberlain was slightly underplayed at times, however, and in between songs the energy significantly dropped as the front man proceeded to have lengthy casual chats with the crowd.

This was clearly not a distraction for fans though as many an arm was punched to the sky during the set and lyrics repeated with passion.

The inevitable encore seemed to be treated slightly routine-like by the band but still produced an epic finish with Writing On the Walls completing a generally brilliant performance.

by Charlene and James Dacre