Review: Emporium, Lindrick Players

The Emorium by Lindrick Players
The Emorium by Lindrick Players

Lindrick Players’ May production was at the Carlton-in-Lindrick Civic Centre and making their debut appearances with them were four new recruits to the Carlton stage in the comedy play The Emporium, directed by Pat Shepherd.

Helen Stephenson was Ms. Dressoir, the formidable manageress of the Emporium, to whom the word “shop” was as a red rag to a bull. Helen’s character was a despot with a total disregard for her staff or for the few customers who dared to cross the threshold.

Debbie Wilson played the part of Ms. Dressoir’s brow-beaten daughter, Michelle, who was in love with the local policeman, PC Bromley, played by Brady Mould. Surprisingly, this was the first time Debbie had appeared with an amateur group and seemed very comfortable on stage and quite a natural part of the team. Brady, who has appeared previously as a policeman with great success, fitted into this role well.

The two customers who dared to venture into the shop and to stand up to the ghastly Ms. Dressoir were Mrs. Payne and Mrs. Smithers, played by Helene Sprowell and Sarah Edgar. This was a good partnership as Helene’s acting experience was well matched with Sarah’s. Although new to the group, Sarah has a wealth of experience with other groups and it showed in her confident performance.

Jolene Fletcher, whose first appearance with the group was in January, was the annoyingly distracted salesgirl Cynthia. Jolene is a good character actress and the role of Cynthia was a gift.

Newcomer Danielle Fletcher, as Cheryl the young reporter, eased herself into the group with this role and proved herself well up to the task. Steve Edgar, as Barry the burglar raced around and seemed equally at home doing so, despite only having volunteered to help backstage.

Nice touches in this production were interesting set props, Helen Stephenson’s changes of shoes (five pairs I think) and accompanying music from the TV show Are You Being Served? What will they do next I wonder?

By Wendy Fidoe