LETTER: My memories as a little girl

My name as a little girl was Plant and my cousin Arthur Taylor had a car.

We used to go to Skegness through Worksop on what we called The Long Mile in front of a big house which I thought was called Rampton Hospital.

We used to look out for the couple we called Adam and Eve and would get so excited when we saw them pushing their pram. We would shout “We love you, we love you” and they used to shout back at us, but we never knew what they were saying. I remember it said he was the son of the big house and she was the maid, so to shame the family they used to walk up and down that road. They had a pram with all their things in it and would take it in turns to push it. The pram was like a big tub with small wheels. They wore socks on their head and looked very sad. We were sad for them. We thought it was full of money! When my children were young, that was the story they liked to hear. Last year an undertaker put a headstone up to mark the grave, I admire and thank him.

Mrs M. North

Collingham Road, Swallownest