LETTER: It’s blooming on Valley Road again!

Have you or your readers travelled down Valley Road in Worksop recently, it is positively BLOOMING!

I have had the privilege of representing the people of the area for over eight years and have decided not to stand again. I would like to convey my appreciation for the opportunity I was given and for the support and kindness I have received over the years. When I was first elected, the saving of our national financial systems against a world crisis was replaced by the Coalition Government’s policy of severe austerity. We have been facing the consequences of this locally by reductions in council funding and other deprivations. Bassetlaw Council has, against all odds, implemented creative policies to nurture local communities. Like the forthcoming elections, the blossom will soon fall away. We do not want new growth to be stifled by more austerity and I urge the voters in Bassetlaw to positively participate in this election so we can look forward to blossoming times ahead.

Bill Barker

Barnby Moor, Retford