Homebuyers advised to get off plan to get on the property ladder

Buying off plan could help you get on the property ladder.
Buying off plan could help you get on the property ladder.

Nottinghamshire homebuyers looking to purchase a new property should consider buying off plan, as leading developer Barratt Homes has revealed the benefits of using this method for a range of buyers.

Barratt Homes is currently building at the following developments at Gateford Park in Worksop, Edwalton Park in Edwalton, Romans’ Quarter in Bingham and Berry Hill in Mansfield.

And the company says buying off plan could be the ideal approach for many.

Jan Ruston, sales director at Barratt Homes North Midlands, said: “Those looking for a new property can be dissuaded by the thought of buying off plan, but there are plenty of advantages that house hunters may not be aware of.

"Buying off plan means purchasing a property before it’s reached building completion, with many benefits including getting the pick of the plots by reserving early and the ability to personalise the property down to the finishing touches.

"Whether house hunters are purchasing their first home or are simply looking to upsize, the developer’s guide reveals how an off plan property can suit whatever vision buyers have for their dream home.

“We hope this guide helps buyers understand that purchasing off plan can help a variety of buyers and can suit everyone’s needs and more.”

For the first time buyer

Purchasing your first home and making that first move onto the property ladder is an exciting time which can be made less of a hassle with an off plan home.

When purchasing off plan it may be a long period to wait before you can actually move into your property, but having more time can actually benefit those buying their first home.

Whilst your dream home is being built, there is the comfort of knowing you have extra time to save before you move in, for extras such as furniture and moving fees, making the period your property is being built worth the wait and providing a better investment for you.

With Help to Buy also available exclusively to new build homes, first time buyers can comfortably get on the property ladder with just a five per cent deposit.

For the working professional

Fitting in your work life with purchasing and decorating your new home can become hectic, but an off plan property can save you from the hassle of juggling both.

Barratt Homes’ properties are the perfect blank canvas to start with and the homebuilder’s Choices range is ideal to personalise the property and make it theirs from the very beginning, so no time is wasted.

You can choose from a wide range of fixtures and can customise parts of your home such as your kitchen and flooring, therefore saving you time by not having to arrange or install your home’s features.

This means you can design your new home to your own exact tastes, without the process taking up any of your own time on evenings and weekends.

For the downsizer

For homeowners who are looking for a smaller property, downsizing with an off plan home is a great option as you can get a pick of the plots.

When downsizing the process of moving again can be overwhelming, especially if you want an area that has everything to offer, but an off plan home can help with buyer’s worries and give them plenty of options.

Purchasers of an off plan home can be amongst the first to pick which plot they reserve rather than having to battle other buyers when the building work is finished.

This means you can consider whereabouts on the development is the prime location for you. Whether it is nearer to the facilities some sites may offer or has surroundings that you are happier with, the choice is yours.

For more details, visit the company website.