Guitarist mixes music and art

Prepare for your idea of classical guitar to be turned upside down.

Richard Durrant plays with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra but is also hailed as one of the world’s most accomplished and experimental guitarists.

His solo shows are quite the spectacle. And his Guitar Whisperer tour – coming to East Markham and Lound Village Halls next weekend – is perfect proof.

The Guitar Whisperer is a constantly evolving son et lumiere event which displays the full range of his talents.

Durrant prides himself on taking what he calls “a prismatic look” at the guitar, in a piece of beautifully presented musical theatre.

Each performance takes the classical instrument as its starting point. But from the relative safety of a familiar virtuoso repertoire, the audience is taken on an astounding sensory journey.

With high production values, every detail is carefully prepared, with stills and films from a host of British artists.

The show features a beautiful version of Debussy’s Arabesque No. 1 accompanied by an impressionistic film made with oil paints and sand.

There are totally acoustic moments as well, which seem shockingly direct and affecting after the intensity of the projections and amplification.

Catch this must see show on Saturday 12th February at East Markham Village Hall. Tickets are £7.50 adults / £3 children. Call 01777 871593 to book.

On 13th February at Lound Village Hall tickets are £8.50 adults / £5 children. Call 01777 818013 to book.