Deftones set to rock Notts hard

Deftones are heading to Rock City
Deftones are heading to Rock City

HARD ROCK heroes Deftones are heading to Nottingham this weekend for another louder than life show at Rock City.

Guardian reporter Andrew Trendell caught up with Deftones bassist Sergio Vega about living up to the band’s legacy.

For over 17 years and seven albums, Deftones have proven to be one of the influential and success American hard rock exports of a generation.

Tragedy struck in 2008 when the band’s bassist Chi Cheng was hospitalised following a serious car crash. He has been in a coma ever since. For the band to carry on, Deftones recruited long-time friend and former Quicksand bassist Sergio Vega to step into Chi’s shoes.

“We’ve been friends for such a long time,” says Sergio. “I stood in for Chi in 1999 and we met on the first Warped tour and my interactions with these guys have always been really positive.”

“It was so inspiring to meet a band who are so committed and excited about every show, so to re-join them 10 years later with that passion still intact was something I could really believe in.”

He continues: “If it was just me riding on the success of a bunch of guys then I wouldn’t have got it. This band are the total opposite of that. They’re artists.”

Even better that the band returned with their brilliant 2010 album Diamond Eyes, fans were just relieved that Deftones were not only still active, but as good, if not better, than ever. But Sergio ever worry about being ‘accepted’ by Deftones fans?

“No, I really don’t care,” admits Sergio, bluntly. “I don’t care at all. I come from the New York hardcore scene and I feel pretty good about that and myself. It’s never been about jocking for somebody’s acceptance, I just care about being honest and true. If I did care then I’d just worry about posing and thinking about what would make me ‘acceptable’ and that would just be fake. I can’t even entertain that.”

“What people like about Deftones is their honestly and sincerity. If I was anything less then I would feel like myself.”

So has the band found the world’s reaction to their new critically acclaimed album Koi No Yokan?

“It’s been really cool,” he says. “Coming off the back of the songs we had from the Diamond Eyes record, I think that really made us excited to dive in and make more music together. We like to challenge ourselves to keep things exciting.”

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- Deftones play Rock City, Nottingham on Saturday 16th February. For tickets and info visit or call 0845 413 4444.