Creative Arts show is hailed a huge success

The Unknown Theory played at the Young Potential Creative Arts event at the Regal Theatre. (w101223-2a).
The Unknown Theory played at the Young Potential Creative Arts event at the Regal Theatre. (w101223-2a).

IT was a packed night of music, drama, poetry and song at The Regal recently.

The Young Potential Creative Arts department had been building up to the fundraising concert for months and all their hard work certainly wasn’t wasted.

The show, on 22nd December. was the perfect way to start the Christmas holidays for the hundreds of audience members who came to watch.

Around 70 youngsters and adults who attend the various arts projects at the Regal took part in the show.

Drama, music, songs and poetry were all performed by young people, adults with mental health difficulties and adults with learning difficulties.

“It was quite a unique night. There was such a vast spectrum of the community all performing and supporting each other,” said Katie Fisher, Stage Life development manager.

“There were 70 performers from different groups that we support within the building - Stage Life, Academy project and the Hitting the High Note project.”

“The show had been scheduled for 10th December but we had to postpone is because of the snow. It was brilliant that we could still put it on and that everyone were still able to take part.”

“We had some of our musicians who were performing for the first time. It was a brilliant new experience for them and for their families and support staff. They were doing something they had never done before and it was very special.”

The Creative Arts department puts on a big show every three to six months. The latest one was directed by Creative Arts manager Paul Seaman.

“The songs were about all sorts of things – the seasons, Christmas,” said Katie.

“Because they were pieces created in the last six months there were all kinds, someone had written about Hallowe’en. Another had written about the challenges they face.”

“Every project happens on a regular weekly basis.”

“Everyone is coming for so many sessions each week so they can come together to create their pieces of music and drama and build towards a performance.”

Group members were involved in every aspect of the show, both on the stage and behind the scenes.

Youngsters from the Stage Life managed the show while others concentrated on the sound and lighting.

“There was a young person who stood in for an adult at the last minute who couldn’t make it and performed with the adults,” added Katie.

Members of a promotional arts course created pieces of art for the stage and posters advertising the show. A language interpreter was also at the side of the stage because a number of audience members were hearing impaired.

Anyone who is interested in the Creative Arts project and wants to find out more can pop along to the Regal to speak to staff or ring on 01909 487030.