Choir boys arrive at St Anne’s

Choir boys at the consecration of St Anne's Church, Worksop, in 1912.
Choir boys at the consecration of St Anne's Church, Worksop, in 1912.

THIS week’s Archive Corner picture shows choir boys at the consecration of St Anne’s Church in Worksop in 1912.

The Worksop Guardian reported that the church was packed for the occasion.

A report in the paper said: “In the presence of a congregation that filled the church to overflowing and which was representative of the public and social life of the town and district, the Lord Bishop of Southwell consecrated the beautiful Church of St Anne, in Newcastle Avenue, Worksop.”

“For considerable time past Worksop people have watched the progress made by the builders with unabated interest.”

“A noteworthy addition has been made to the churches in Notts and Sir John Robinson’s gift has made possible what the increasing population had rendered desirable - the creation of a new parish.”

The church was built in 1911 by the architects Edward Graham Paley and Hubert Austin and is built in the 15th century perpendicular revival style.

It contains an historic pipe organ which was moved there from another church in 1999.

Sir John Robinson’s medieval style alabaster canopied tomb can also be seen within St Anne’s.

It is signed Albert Toft Sc 1930 and comprises a recumbent marble figure.

Sir John, who owned Worksop Manor, was knighted in 1905 for his good works. He owned over 600 pubs in Notts.