UK’s most congested cities named and shamed

UK’s most congested cities named and shamed
UK’s most congested cities named and shamed

Drivers in Edinburgh face the worst congestion of any city in the UK, according to new analysis of traffic data.

A rush-hour drive through the Scottish capital takes 40 per cent longer than when traffic is free-flowing, according to figures from sat nav firm TomTom.

That puts it ahead of even London, where journey times are 37 per cent longer during rush hour than in free-flowing conditions.

Wasted days

The navigation firm used satellite data from the past year to analyse which parts of the country were least and most affected by delays. It estimates that the average British driver spends 132 hours stuck in traffic jams.

Edinburgh topped the list of the country’s most congested cities (Picture: Lisa Ferguson)
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Bournemouth, Hull and Belfast tie for the dubious title of the UK’s third most congested city, with 34 per cent increase in travel times each.

At the opposite end of the scale Middlesbrough was found to suffer the least congestion with a 19 per cent increase in journey times.

UK’s most congested cities

  1. Edinburgh – 40% added journey time
  2. London – 37%
  3. Bournemouth – 34%
  4. Hull – 34%
  5. Belfast – 34%
  6. Brighton – 34%
  7. Bristol – 32%
  8. Manchester – 32%
  9. Leicester – 30%
  10. Coventry – 29%

Preston is the second best location with a 22 per cent increase, and Stoke, Portsmouth, Glasgow and Reading each suffer 24 per cent longer journeys in rush hour.

Global shame

Nine UK cities appear in TomTom’s list of 100 most congested cities in the world, with Edinburgh ranked 27th globally for congestion.

According to the figures only three UK cities – Manchester, Glasgow and Portsmouth – have seen any reduction in traffic congestion since last year.

Mumbai ranked as the world’s worst city for congestion. (Picture: Shutterstock)

World’s worst congested cities

  1. Mumbai, India – 65%
  2. Bogota, Columbia – 63%
  3. Lima, Peru – 58%
  4. New Delhe, India – 58%
  5. Moscow, Russia – 56%
  6. Istanbul, Turkey – 53%
  7. Jakarta, Indonesia – 53%
  8. Bangkok, Thailand – 53%
  9. Mexico City, Mexico – 52%
  10. Recife, Brazil – 49%

Heiko Schilling, head of navigation at TomTom, said: “The UK was home to nine cities in the top 100 most congested cities globally.

“Overall congestion is up by an average of one per cent (year on year) in the UK – a mild increase but an increase nonetheless.

“These results show that there’s still a lot of work to be done.”

He added: “Advances in journey planning, autonomous vehicles and car sharing schemes all promise to alleviate congestion in Edinburgh and other cities in the UK and around the world.”

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