Peugeot Instinct concept driven

Peugeot Instinct concept driven
Peugeot Instinct concept driven

You won’t be able to buy it, more’s the pity, but some of the Instinct’s sporty features should make it into production

The worst thing about really nice-looking concepts like the Peugeot Instinct is the almost inevitable discovery that you’ll never see one on the streets.

Plenty of other stylish Peugeot concepts have burst onto the scene and never been seen again. Remember the Oxia, Fractal, Proxima and Onyx?

Non-production is a particular disappointment in the case of the Instinct, as we’ve driven it and it’s an exciting prospect, but the hope is that parts of the concept will make it into reality in other real-world Peugeots.

Peugeot Instinct

Many observers are worried that full autonomy will kill off motoring excitement. The Instinct attempts to stave off this fear. Not only does it have selectable drive modes reacting to inputs from your smartphone to deliver a less or more relaxing drive characteristic – so you could have ‘Soft’ after a gym workout and ‘Sharp’ when you’re up for more thrills – it also has the potential to download ‘special’ autonomous driving modes, allowing owners to dial up a simulated Sébastien Loeb (for example) as their chauffeur for the commute to work. The Instinct would also have a non-autonomous option with the steering wheel whirring out of its nacelle on the dash for actual driving (woo!).

Although Peugeot refers to the Instinct as a sort of home extension when in autonomous mode, there’s not that much room inside, particularly for your head. Still, there’s no sense of claustrophobia thanks to the presence of acres of glass (with RCZ-like strips in the roof), lots of screens and a low-level dash. Cabin materials are light and crisp too. The overall feel is very sporty.

Peugeot Instinct

Peugeot’s head of concepts and advanced design, Matthias Hossann, hopes that Instinct elements like the super-reflective green chrome trim and the trainer-style fabric seat materials will become real in other cars. It’s perhaps less likely that we’ll see productionisation of the thin layer of polished concrete that’s part of the Instinct’s floor, but the wider adoption of the perforated leather ‘i Device’ controller for Peugeot’s iCockpit system wouldn’t be a massive surprise.

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