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IN Division One of the Gainsborough and District Table Tennis League second-placed team Liberal Club Meteors are now within a point of the leaders after a 9-1 victory over Blitz Anacondas, who themselves went on to beat Liberal Club Dynamics 8-2.

Top team in Division Two Blues Club Phoenix consolidated their position with a good 8-2 win over Blitz Clowns and Methodist Batmen beat Blitz Dingos by the same score.

Time is running out for players wishing to take part in the league’s championships. Entry forms are in the handbooks and the competition takes place on 11th March.

Results: Division One - Meteors 9 (M. Tindall 3, R. Ellis 3, M. Betts 2, doubles), Anacondas 1 (R. Simpson); Dynamics 2 (B. Hodgson 2), Anacondas 8 (R. Simpson 3, J. Wynne 2, K. Wynne 2, doubles). Division Two - Clowns 2 (N. Keast 2), Phoenix 8 (R. Simon 2, D. Shelley 2, A. McPherson 3, doubles); Batmen 8 (K. Eliot 2, T. Lovely 3, M. Lomgstaff 2, doubles), Dingos 2 (B. Marriot 2).