THE SHARP BLADE: Sheffield United set for takeover?

WHEN Trevor Birch was appointed Chief Executive of Sheffield United back in December 2009 one of his top priorities was to find new investors to pump money into the club.

More than 18 months later Mr Birch has left the club, and new investment has not been forthcoming.

Despite Mr Birch’s departure, it seems likely that the search for someone either to take over the club or provide investment will continue.

During the last year or so the Blades are believed to have held talks with a Malaysian businessman, and other prospective parties.

The Sheffield United grapevine has been ripe with rumours of imminent takeovers, from Russian consortiums, to consortiums of wealthy Unitedites.

But up until now that is all that they are, rumours.

It’s difficult to say whether relegation to League One has made Sheffield United Football Club a more attractive or less attractive proposition for potential investors.

On the one hand we are now further away from the promised land of the Premier League and therefore less appealing than many clubs in the Championship.

But on the other hand, we still have the fanbase, the infrastructure and the potential, and could be seen as a cheaper option due to our relegation.

One would have thought Sheffield United of League One would be cheaper to acquire than Sheffield United of the Championship.

Whenever there is talk of investment and takeovers football fans immediately think of what’s happened at Manchester City - who have had hundreds of millions of pounds lavished on them by rich Middle Eastern owners.

But in reality most football takeovers aren’t like this. And this is why us Blades fans need to manage our expectations over any potential investment.

A takeover doesn’t necessarily mean millions to splash on new players.

We just have to hope that if fresh investment into the club is forthcoming that those behind it have the best interests of Sheffield United at heart.


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