Worksop: Fire chiefs warn of dangers of cannabis growth in homes

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Fire chiefs have warned people in Worksop of the dangers of growing cannabis in their own homes.

Last week the Guardian reported how Notts Police were set to carry out a series of raids in the town and across Notts over the next month.

And now the campaign has also been backed by Notts Fire and Rescue Service who have released images of fire ravaged properties to highlight the risk of growing the drug.

Glenn Mears, station manager of the fire investigation team, said: “There are too many occasions when a fire has started in a loft space as a result of installations and has subsequently spread rapidly to adjoining properties.”

“Interference with electrical installations and supplies not only increases the risk to the occupants of the property but also poses a serious risk to fire fighters entering the property to extinguish the fire.”

“Incidents of this nature are often in a residential area which puts neighbouring residents at risk. It is unlikely that those who grow cannabis consider the safety of their neighbours.”

“Therefore it is important that all residents fit their home with smoke alarms as this will give an early warning and vital time to escape should a fire occur.”

Cannabis grows can range from plants being cultivated on window sills, loft spaces being insulated and provided with heating and lighting, to the extreme of an entire property being adapted with plants growing in most of the rooms.

In many instances domestic electricity supplies are tampered with which makes any safety features non-operational.

In 2013, there was 127 home invasions linked to cannabis in Notts - violence and injury was inflicted in 39 per cent of cases.

Detective inspector, Mike Allen of Notts Police, said: “Police will be acting on any intelligence and we are asking residents or anyone out in their community to look out for the tell tale signs that could point to a cannabis factory in your neighbourhood.”

“Be the eyes of your community.”