think smaller to be successful

Dave Edwards, owner of Edwards Emporium, Worksop
Dave Edwards, owner of Edwards Emporium, Worksop
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Small is beautiful sometimes.

One of the main comments I get from customers is how small my shop is.

Well, it is only 4ft 11in wide but Edwards’ Emporium is my pride and joy.

My reply is usually this: Small shop, small rent, more chance of survival.

Or I say: It’s not the size it is what you do with it.

When I started in business around six years ago, I had not heard of ‘micro-businesses’ .

Small businesses, yes, but micro-businesses, no.

However, I’m convinced micro-businesses really are the future.

When I started in business, even though I had been in constant employment for more than 20 years, something I now realise is very rare, mainly due to the economy.

The banks did not want to know about me when I first started out.

Although it is popular and topical to ‘bash the bankers’ - it is the truth.

And if I had listened to them, I would now be on benefits, twiddling my thumbs, of that I am sure.

My business has survived by being small, pure and simple.

With small overheads and no debts, I sleep at night.

The point I am trying to make is, if you have a business idea, start small – very small.

You may not make a fortune but real life is not like the TV show The Apprentice.

My business will never buy me a Bentley, but it does pay for the diesel which means I can get to where I want to go to.

If you have a passion, follow it because you only get to go on this merry-go-round once.

Bigger is not always better.