Michael Brian BELL : Obituary

M. B. BELL (of Woodsetts) Company chairman, Mr Michael Brian Bell, of Scholey Avenue has died suddenly at Bassetlaw Hospital, aged 75. He leaves his wife Patricia and two daughters Jackie and Helen. Born in Worksop and educated at St Mary’s RC School in Worksop and at Mount St Mary’s in Spinkhill, Michael initially lived in Worksop before moving to Woodsetts in 1965. Prior to his retirement in 1989, he was chairman of Dernie and Bell Sons & Co Ltd. Michael took an interest in rugby union and music, but his main interest were his family and friends whom he loved spending time with. The funeral service, held at St George’s Church, Woodsetts was followed by burial in the churchyard. Mourners were: Mrs P. Bell, Mr and Mrs M. Collins, Mr and Mrs C. Lunn, Mr D. Collins, Miss C. Collins, Mr J. Lunn, Miss B. Lunn, Mr and Mrs D. Swan, Mr M. Wesley, Mr and Mrs P. Wesley, Miss S. Dernie (representing Mr and Mrs M. Dernie), Mr and Mrs D. Milner, M. Swan. Mr D. Wells (representing C. Pryor), Mr and Mrs S. Cockayne, Mr and Mrs M. Fox (representing Fellowship of Services), Mr and Mrs L. Ashton, Mrs K. Coleman (representing E. Whittham), Master R. Coleman, Miss E. Coleman, Mr and Mrs S. Wright (representing Mr and Mrs P. Wright, and Mr and Mrs J. French), Master C. Wright, Miss C. Wright, Mr D. Bromley, Mr P. Carter, Mr B. Ratcliff (representing S. Hamnet and T. Dixon), Mr and Mrs D. Ratcliff (representing K. Bailey), Mr and Mrs P. Howard, Mr and Mrs M. Bell (representing family), M. Mellors (representing family and P. and G. Bell), Mr and Mrs E. Woolley (representing family), Mr J. Hadfield, Mr J. Dane, Mr and Mrs W. Holleley, Mr T. Stringer (representing P. Ruddock and Monday Club), Mrs L. Stringer, Mrs W. Harris (representing Mr and Mrs T. Hallworth). Mrs J. Palmer, Mrs C. Rhodes (representing G. Rhodes), Mrs G. Jones (representing M. Jones), Mr J. Barthorpe, Mrs B. Warrington, Mrs N. Stanniland, Mr R. Mellor, Mr J. E. Frith, Mr and Mrs T. Scattergood, Mr D. Wheat, Mr and Mrs J. Whitham Mr R. Tyler, Mr and Mrs T. J. Lowe, Mr and Mrs R. Hague, K. Clark (representing Butcher’s Arms), Mr and Mrs R. Smith, Mr J. Kirby (representing W. and B. Bowes also R. Edson 321 FOS), Mr M. Ratcliff (representing Cheryl), Mr P. Ratcliff (representing Mr and Mrs S. Ratcliff), Mr M. Hopkinson (representing Mr and Mrs C. Hopkinson), Mr and Mrs T. Hunt, Mr and Mrs K. Walton, Mr and Mrs K. Dernie (representing V. Hales), Mr J. T. Norbury Snr, Mr J. Norbury Jnr. Mr and Ms A. Kitchens, Mrs S. Mosley (representing A. Mosley and staff of Woodsetts PO), Mr J. Lunn, Mr and Mrs K. Lunn, Mr S. North, Mr D. Bateman, Mr D. Waters, Mr and Mrs T. Burton, Mr M. Bolam (representing Stella), K. Knight, Mr and Mrs P. Carroll, Mr D. Elson, Mr J. Jepson, Ms R. Jepson (representing Mr and Mrs N. Foulds), Miss J. Pringle, Mr and Mrs B. Collington, Mr R. Picton, M. and J. Lee, A. Fisher (representing workforce - Dernie and Bell), D. Watkinson, Mr and Mrs M. Hamer, Mr and Mrs B. Mettam, Mr and Mrs J. Vaughan, Mr D. Wright, Ms E. Wright, Ms B. Elson, Mr K. Roe (representing D. Bumstead), Mr J. Jepson (representing M. Jepson and past chairman Mr and Mrs R. Green), Mrs J. Dixon. Mr C. Kellaway (representing B. Kellaway, Mr R. Taylor (representing Josie and Rita), J. Marsh (representing Brian), Mrs S. Moore, B. and J. Hurst, Mr and Mrs J. T. McClure, Mr M. Earp, Mrs E. Earp, Mrs A. Harper, Mrs A. Dinsdale, Mr M. Nicholas (representing Bev and family), Mr and Mrs M. Moseley, Mr L. Woodward, T. and P. Lowe (representing family), Mr P. Sparke, Mr R. Hurst, Mr J. King (109 mess), Mrs H. Reaney (representing T. Reaney), K. John (representing C. Field), Mr R. Wright, Mrs M. Fold, Mr T. Whitfield (representing Muriel), Mr B. Cooling, Mr B. Allison (representing Maureen, Mark and Craig), H. Taylor, Mr and Mrs W. Shaw, Mr C. A. Hardwick, Mr R. Thompson, Mr J. Thompson, Mr D. Watkinson, Mr A. Richardson, Mr D. Waddingham, Miss M. Watt, Mrs J. Eaton, Mr G. I. Shooter (representing Edna), Mr G. Wheeler (representing family). Arrangements were by Hopkinson’s Funeral Service, Watson Road, Worksop.

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