Video: Ulley - Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change visits wind farm

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The Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change was in Ulley yesterday to visit the Penny Hill wind farm.

Despite heavy rain, Edward Davey toured the £21.9 million controversial wind farm before speaking with people from across the borough about the beneftis that the development is brining.

The six-turbine scheme began generating renewable energy earlier this year and is operated by Barlborough-based Banks Renewables.

Mr Davey MP said: “I am delighted to visit the Penny Hill wind farm, which has created jobs and delivered a range of community and environmental benefits in partnership with local people.

“We remain committed to the deployment of appropriately-sited onshore wind as a key part of a diverse, low-carbon and secure energy mix.”

Although Mr Davey’s visit was brief, he outlined the Government’s position on onshore wind energy and how it can benefit local communities.

The associated Penny Hill benefits funds, which will be worth more £750,000 across the 25-year lifespan of the wind farm, will enable Banks to deliver a range of community and environmental improvements in partnership with local people.

Banks has already inested a further £50,000 to help establish a Warm Zone scheme across the Rotherham area to help to alleviate fuel poverty and improve domestic energy efficiency.

Phil Dyke, development director at Banks Renewables, said: “We work closely with people living in the communities around our proposed wind farm sites to identify their priorities for utilising the benefits funds that run alongside our wind farms, so that tangible long-term benefits arise locally from their construction. This model has proved very successful, and as well as facilitating these community benefits, it also helps to create local employment and wide-ranging commercial opportunities for the local suppliers.”

• Click on the video link to watch Edward Davey meet members of the public.

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