Video: Man v Food charity challenge at Worksop Turbine Centre

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Two employees at the Turbine Centre bit off more than they could chew with a charity challenge.

Andrew Trevelyan and Craig Gamblen took part in a Man v Food style contest at the business centre in Shireoaks, to raise money for the Sheffield Children’s Hospital charity.

Their aim was to devour a 30 inch sandwich stuffed full of meat and salad - all in under 30 minutes.

The idea, based on the popular television programme, came about when the Wilduck Kitchen, based in the Turbine Centre, began a special deli week.

They were selling sandwiches on freshly baked bread by the inch, when some customers suggested an entire sandwich would make the perfect Man v Food challenge.

The Sheffield Children’s Hospital charity was chosen as the recipient of the sponsorship because the daughter of a employee at the Turbine Centre had been treated at the hospital since she was born.

After Andrew and Craig volunteered to take part, the bread was baked and the table was set ready for the mighty challenge.

Sadly, food came out on top in the contest.

Despite their best efforts Andrew or Craig, who work for Inter Financial, still had several inches of their sandwiches left at the end of the 30 minutes.

They did however raise £220 for the hospital, with much support coming from the company they work for and I-Power Systems.

The Wilduck Kitchen is now gearing up for its next charity challenge.

The next is set involve chip buttys.




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