VIDEO: Fun day for Gainsborough Academy

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To launch a new house system Gainsborough Academy held a challenge day with a range of activities.

Students at Gainsborough Academy have now been put into four different houses, Discover, Challenge, Valient and Endeavor, and each house was pitted against each other in 10 activities including a rodeo bull, sumo wrestling, a gladiator challenge and a bungee run.

All the students were invited to get involved and even the teachers had a go.

Prinicple, Vicky Simcock, said: “The aim is to encourage team building.”

“I’ve had a go on a few of the games.”

“A lot of schools have activities days where the children pay towards a day at Alton Towers for example.”

“We recently changed from Trent Valley Academy to Gainsborough Academy and there have been five different heads in five years.”

“It has been a turbulent year.”

“We wanted to give the children a sense of pride of who they are and we have included every single child.”

“When you ask the children to pay they can’t always afford it so we came up with this idea.”

“And we thought it was a really good way of introducing the house system and give the children a sense of identity, pride and healthy competition.”

“Life is a competition and we want to teach them how to win but also how to lose with grace.”

“I have lost everything I have done today.”

“But that’s what’s it all about, taking part and having fun.”

“And the heavens have blessed us with the weather.”

Also before the end of term the school will be having a sports day, rewards assembly and staff rounders.




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