Drug user jailed for dealing MCAT

Lincoln Crown Court G120131-3
Lincoln Crown Court G120131-3

A Worksop drug user became a street dealer after falling in with the wrong friends when he moved house, a court heard.

Mariusz Szczepkowicz previously had a steady job and a long term relationship when he was living in Lincoln.

But Lincoln Crown Court was told that both his work and the relationship came to an end which led him to move to Gainsborough, Lincolnshire.

There he became involved in street level drug dealing which continued even after he was arrested following a search of his home.

Defending, James Marsland said: “He moved to Gainsborough but that was a poor move because he fell in with the wrong people who were taking drugs.”

“They were heavier users than he was and he began to take drugs more frequently. He became addicted to MCAT.”

He said that since his arrest Szczepkowicz had moved to Worksop, gained employment an stayed out of trouble.

Szczepkowicz, 31, of Cemetery Road, Worksop, admitted supplying drugs and possession with intent to supply.

Szczepkowicz’s Gainsborough home was raided after he was seen acting suspiciously in the early hours of the morning. Police saw him discard two small plastic bags of white crystals.

Szczepkowicz was jailed for a total of 15 months.

Judge Michael Heath told him “This clearly calls for a prison sentence. I am not persuaded to suspend what is an inevitable sentence.”